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Develop your breath and your
life with simple breathing
tutorials from Pranayam Master
Yossi Dayan.

Watch the video below to start
a profound journey in just
minutes per day.

"My approach is accessible and natural. Anybody can do it and no one will be intimidated by the more challenging parts of traditional Pranayam."

Yossi Dayan

Pranayam Master

Lesson 1

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Part 1 - "Introduction"

Part 1 - "Introduction"

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Receive the benefits of 25 Years of Pranayam Experience in 7 Easy-to-Follow Videos


Yossi Dayan spent the last 25 years studying and practicing Pranayam in India under a true master, Swami Shyam. Now, for the first time, Yossi is offering the benefit of that knowledge in an easy-to-use and truly life-changing series of video tutorials.

Each video session gives you one-on-one time with Yossi as he takes you through the most powerful and beneficial breathing patterns and techniques available. Each session is designed to activate a different part of your mind and body, from calming all the way to energizing effects and many points in between.

Yossi learned traditional Pranayam and has innovated his own approach and method to make it more inclusive. Yossi’s style strives to make it easier for more people to access Pranayam’s amazing health and wellness benefits.

Everybody knows that if you don’t breathe you don’t live, so breath is life. Therefore the quality of the breath will be the quality of your life. I came to realize why I’m doing Pranayama and what is the end result which is realizing your true nature as immortal and blissful. That is the way I practice.

– Yossi Dayan.


What is Pranayam?

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Health Benefits

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Work, Yoga, Meditation

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Live Workshops

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How to Use Yossi’s Pranayam Video Workshops


General Guidelines

– Pranayam should be practiced on an empty stomach.

– Do not engage in any force, strain or struggle.

– If you experience any pain or discomfort please stop immediately and consult Yossi directly.

– Please practice these classes with a sense of freedom and peace.


Included in this series is an introduction to Yossi’s unique approach to Pranayam and six custom breathing routines designed to give you specific benefits for different parts of your life. Each video is a one-on-one workshop with Yossi. Once you’ve learned the techniques you can practice them by following along with the video or by yourself in any setting you choose.


Use the energizing routine in the morning to kickstart your day and the calming routine before you go to sleep to improve the therapeutic effects of sleep. Yossi has designed routines to improve memory and focus that can help you perform at a higher level in your professional life, and routines designed to relieve stress and promote a positive mood.


Watch Yossi’s first video for free and sign up for the rest with Breathing Fully Premium.


Yossi Dayan has taught Pranayam in live workshops for years where he’s shared his unique approach to breathing with thousands of students. Now you can continue your work with Yossi at home, or try it for the first time if you’ve never attended his live seminars.

Create a profound change in your life by taking Yossi’s first lesson for free.

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