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  • Yossi will be in Montreal in May, June and July, 2018.
  • He will be in Vancouver in August.
  • Email Yossi to set up a workshop, private class or group session.

Yossi has been teaching Pranayam, the Yogic science of breath, around the world for over twenty-five years. Certified by the International Meditation Institute in Kullu, Valley of the Gods, India, he guides and inspires students from all cultures and walks of life.

When the breath wanders the mind is unsteady. When the breath is still, so is the mind still."

Svāmi SvātmārāmaHatha Yoga Pradipika

Join Yossi and Learn to Breathe Fully

From the moment we wake up, we are beset by the entire emotional and mental spectrum. The mind and body are agitated and without peace — rarely still. As our mind and breath are intimately intertwined, if we can still the breath, we can still the mind. With a still mind we can live in peace and freedom.

With a profound and light approach Yossi encourages each student to directly experience and explore the subtleties of the ancient and enduring science of breath.

This workshop presents an in-depth study of the fundamentals of Yogic breath and introduces the basic techniques of Pranayam. It offers an authentic and meaningful first step to experience the invaluable understanding and mastery of breath. Breathing fully is living fully.

Yossi will introduce the fundamentals of Yogic breath. He will guide you on a thoughtful and meaningful discovery of the basic techniques of Pranayam, which include energizing, calming and revitalizing exercises.

The Pranayam workshop and these techniques offer the following benefits:

  • Overall health
  • Revitalizing and purifying the body
  • Calming the nervous system, resulting in tranquility and peace
  • Relieving mental and emotional agitation and stress
  • Unfolding a deeper, meditative state of consciousness

Participation will enable you to practice these techniques on your own.

Freedom and perfection will not come from practicing rigidly. It will come from practicing in freedom and perfection."

Yossi DayanPranayam Master

Embark on a profound personal journey by taking Yossi’s first lesson for free right now.