Pranayam Enhances Other Beneficial Activities

Practicing Pranayam for the enjoyment and benefits that come with it is great, but you can also use special breathing exercises to supercharge the time you spend practicing things like yoga and meditation. That’s because certain Pranayam breathing patterns can get you in the zone faster and drastically improve focus, concentration and energy.

Yossi has spent years developing his special approach to Pranayam, including his own special patterns and variations on traditional teachings. Indeed, Pranayam breathing has long been practiced to enhance both yoga and meditation.

In an article The Yoga Journal, Claudia Cummins profiled six different styles of yoga to learn more about how Pranayam fits into the different traditions. What she found was that breathing patterns and techniques were included in every kind of yoga, but not all in the same way.

Some classes focused on beginning and ending the class with different series of breathing exercises, while others put the emphasis on using different pranayams while doing asanas (poses). Breathe-work was used to help focus students, give them energy at the beginning of classes and calm them at the end. Cummins also saw some instructors teaching yoga poses that could be used to enhance Pranayam as well.

Being aware of the breath and mastering the breath is not limited to any one activity. It literally runs through every single thing we do in our lives and it plays a huge role in how our bodies and minds perform. As Yossi says, “Breath is life. Therefore the quality of the breath will be the quality of your life.”

Pranayam is a technique, the main point is breath.
Breath is life."

Yossi DayanPranayam Master

Increase Work Performance, Decrease Stress

One of the most powerful things about Pranayam is that you can do it anywhere, anytime. You don’t need any equipment beyond what your own body provides. And since so many of us spend all day at jobs that sometimes be stressful and require maximum concentration, Pranayam can be a hugely powerful tool in your professional life.

Daily practice of Pranayam will lead to all-around better focus and energy but working a few sessions into your day can help even more. It’s a great way to key in and get in the zone to start the day and also to disengage and calm yourself at the end of the day. It’s also a valuable tool for dealing with the challenging and frustrating situations that are bound to come up.

Having the techniques ready to use in the moment can mean the difference between getting upset and being able to stay grounded and in control of your mind, body and emotions. Whether it’s just deep breathing or taking a few minutes to yourself to run through a short series of exercises.

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